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Review: Hard Candy Phone Case

By Free Sample Momma



I was sent the Shockdrop Sport case for iphone5. Features 6mm of silicon shock absorbing four-corner protection, slimming to 3mm of overall body shock protection. Molded-in Volume up and down indications and rip proof port covers, and a screen protector.

All you have to do is pop the pieces apart, add your phone to the screen protector, then pop that into the rubber outer shell. Everything you need such as the camera, ports, volume, etc, are all easily accessible.

My husband took this cover and has been using it for his phone and loves it. He likes that he now has a firm grip on the phone, and doesn’t worry about it falling, which has happened to all of us. He also likes the screen protector, and find it easy to clean.

Hard Candy Cases Shock Drop iPhone 5 Review & Drop Test



The other case I was sent was the Gumdrop Case for iphone5, it is exactly the same as the Shockdrop case, just in a different color. I use this one for my phone since my youngest has been using it to play a game. I feel confident now that if he drops it, it will be safe.

Hard Candy Cases aren’t just for iphones, you can also get cases for the iPod, iPad, Tablets, and MacBook.

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