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Down & Out in Pompeii with Hard Candy Cases

Down & Out in Pompeii with Hard Candy Cases


Last summer a group of archaeologist's took a bunch of iPads with our very own Hard Candy cases to its archaeological excavations in Pompeii.

Under Steve Job's instructions, Apple sent out a team of archaeologists to Pompeii to profile for a story on the group and their experience, which garnered awareness among millions of people (in fact, more than the most-watched Superbowl in history).  We were thrilled with the exposure of our Street Skin cases and as the iPad’s protective shield in Pompeii archaeological excavations.

Source: MacWorld

The Discovering Ancient Pompeii with iPad campaign highlighted the iPad’s use at the longest active archaeological excavation in the world as a 21st century replacement for pen and paper. The team of 35 scholars, led by Dr. Steve Ellis of the University of Cincinnati, were captured using the iPad to fill in forms, record notes, and illustrate various aspects of the sites and their geological features.

The team of archeologists enjoyed using the Hard Candy Street Skin cases so much, in fact they requested more for this summer’s excursions.  The following photos were sent from Dr. Steve Ellis of the University of Cincinnati.




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