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  • Great Review From Around the World in Pink!



    Travel Accessories: Gumdrop and Hard Candy Cases are Perfect for Travel


    Review by  on May 12, 2014 in TechTravel


    Do you remember the last time you dropped  your phone or table? Do you remember the sheer horror you felt waiting to see if you cracked the screen? I’ve had this happen to me on more than one occasion, it’s truly one of the worst feelings ever. Although I hate to admit it, I’ve broken a cellphone or two in my day!  You would think it would only take one time with me but some times it takes more. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle when traveling so it’s very important that you protect your devices the next time you hit the road.


    While at CES, I discovered protective cases from a company called Gumdrop. Not only do they provide a wide range of cases for your iPhone, smartphone or tablet but they also come in various styles and colors. When it comes to a rugged case the Drop Tech Case is perfect for a traveler’s lifestyle. This collection contains cases for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and more. Each case contains an opening for the mic, speaker and charging port so you have full protection. Each case also comes with a security screen, complete with a snug fit! I’m telling you this is a case that every traveler needs.


    If you are looking for something a little sleeker, I also received the Hard Candy Harvest Slider for my iPhone. I love this case because it allows  you to switch up  your phone case to fit your current mood. I’m all about choices, so I loved how this case allowed me to match whatever mood I’m in. No matter which case floats your boat, what’s most important is that your protect your devices. We spend so much money on our electronics that it would be silly to not spend a few extra dollars to protect your gadgets.

  • Sudbury Catholic Schools in Canada Integrating ShockDrop Minis into Classrooms


    For over a year, Sudbury Catholic Schools in Canada has been including Hard Candy Cases ShockDrop for iPad Mini in technology initiatives throughout their schools.  With over 1,000 cases now in classrooms, starting in Kindergarten, teaches can feel comfortable letting their students freely utilize their iPads without risk of damage.

    "Being able to access iPads for my students has allowed me to introduce more student-lead learning in my classroom... This has been one of the most rewarding parts of integrating technology into my lessons." (teacher, Sudbury Catholic Schools)

    To learn more about how our cases are helping put educators at ease and allowing learning to the focus in K-12 in the US, Canada and around the world,  contact us at edu@hardcandycases.com.

  • Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools Choose Hard Candy for Ruggedized Protection


    Prior-Lake Savage Area Schools deployed over 1,000 Hard Candy ShockDrop Cases to protect their iPads in classrooms for the 2013-2014 school year.  It is one thing to make the investment in the technology initiatives being launched all across the country, but recognizing the need to protect that investment just makes good sense!  ShockDrop for iPad offers all around ruggedized protection, protecting the corners with 10mm of shock-absorbing silicon while the body slims down to 6mm to fit into charging carts.  We are pleased to offer solutions for our schools as they move forward with their 1:1 initiatives.  If you would like more information about how Hard Candy Cases can help protect your classroom technology, contact edu@hardcandycases.com or call 925-263-4140.

  • Hard Candy Cases and St. Jude Medical

    SJM_Logo_No Tag_CMYK_LightBkgd

    Hard Candy Cases is hard at work in the medical industry!  At St. Jude Medical, in Austin, Texas, the staff is dedicated to transforming the treatment of some of the world's most expensive epidemic diseases.  Researchers, clinicians, engineers and sales people assisting in operating rooms use iPads as an essential tool, depending on the technology they provide.  Until our ShockDrop cases were introduced in 2013, iPads were being broken by being dropped on hospital floors, being knocked off tables and being dropped by children.

    With their old cases, the break rate for iPads was one per day.  Mark Kreitz, Mobile Device Administrator, says "Since we have deployed the hard candy cases (roughly 450 deployed) we have not had a single broken device in a Hard Candy Case.  The Hard Candy Cases have been deployed for over 6 months now.  The numbers speak for themselves."

    St. Jude Medical plans to replace all of their nearly 2,000 cases with ShockDrop for iPad.

    Click here to check out the ShockDrop for iPad Air

    (Images provided courtesy of St. Jude Medical, Inc.)

  • Hard Candy Cases Got a Sweet Review at CES 2014!

    The Hard Candy Cases booth was the place to be at CES 2014.

    DSC_0387 (2)




    Not only was our abundant display of candy jars a hit, it was the Neon Bubble for iPad Air that got people talking.



    Some great features on the Neon Bubble for iPad Air:

    • Sleek, Neon Bubble transparent exterior over lightweight polycarbonate body
    • Two-piece design with a cradle backing and a snap on frame
    • Access to mic, speaker and charging port
    • Ultra slim design

    Get your own Neon Bubble Case for the iPad Air TODAY and experience what everyone's been talking about!

  • Check out Hard Candy at KDDI in Japan!

    WindowDisplay1ShockDrop gets some love in Japan. Check out this fun holiday window display featuring the ShockDrop for iPhone 5 in red — it's the perfect gift for the holidays.




    The ShockDrop for collection is Hard Candy Case's stylishly rugged line that brings the ultimate protection for your mobile device. Shop the ShockDrop line today!

  • Hard Candy Squish for iPad Air review

    By Kirk Hiner for Technology Tell

    The weekend I bought my iPad Air, I wouldn’t let my children touch it. This didn’t sit well with them, what with all the mines to be crafted and monster lives to live, but I had no protection on the device. Hard Candy had sent us a couple review cases, but I forgot them at TechTell Towers. Once I put the iPad Air inside the Squish for iPad Air, my fears were allayed; this case offers some serious (but fun) protection.

    Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

    The appropriately named Squish for iPad Air is a form-fitting silicone case that wraps around the back, edges, and bezel of the iPad. Getting it over the device is a simple matter of slipping it in top- or bottom-first and then pulling the other side over. This stretches the corners of the case quite a bit, I never had a problem with tearing.

    The fit over the bezel is very good, but the front facing camera opening is slightly misaligned, causing the color of the case to blur the bottom of the image. Considering I received this case before the iPad Air was released, I imagine it’s a prototype miscalculation that can be corrected. Still, hold on to that receipt if you get the Squish before the problem is solved.

    Beyond that, all of the ports and openings are aligned properly. I had no problem with the back camera opening, and the volume and power buttons that sit under the case have well-aligned ridges that accurately mark their positioning.

    Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

    What really sells the Squish is the protection it provides. Air filled chambers will keep the iPad Air safe from drops, especially on the corners.

    Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

    The edges rise nicely above the screen to keep it safe, but there is no screen protection itself, so you’ll still want a separate screen protector. The thick silicone of the edges and back make is comfortable to hold, and the ridges on the back provide a bit of extra grip…as well as some design flair.

    Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

    Oh, and speaking of design, the Squish is available in black, pink, lime and blue.

    With no sort of incorporated stand, and since you will not be able to dock your iPad Air in third party devices while it’s in the Squish, you’ll be buying this strictly for protection. In that regard, the Squish is a solid investment; I felt perfectly safe handing the iPad Air over to the kids while it was in the Squish. However, I have to dock it an extra rating point because of the front camera alignment issue.

    Appletell Rating:

    Hard Candy Squish for iPad Air review

    Buy the Hard Candy Squish for iPad Air

    Provides: Complete silicon protection for iPad Air
    Developer: Hard Candy
    Minimum Requirements: iPad Air (also available for iPad 2, 3 and 4)
    Price: $34.95
    Availability: Now

  • Hard Candy's Shockdrop protects iPad Air with minimal weight penalty

    By Jason Perlow for ZDNet

    As I mentioned yesterday in my piece discussing the waif-like design of the iPad Air, there is no way in hell I am going to use that device without a protective case on it.

    It's been sufficiently proven to me that the device is an utter magnet for getting its screen wrecked, and I am not about to let my new $900 toy get damaged by my first accidental "whoops" moment, AppleCare+ plan be damnned.

    As everyone knows I'm big on polycarbonate/silicone rubber case designs for both tablets and smartphones. I've used products from OtterBox, Trident, Griffin as well as Lunatik and I think all of those companies have good solutions, but they come at a cost -- significantly added extra weight and bulk. They can easily double the weight of your device.

    For some of us, the added weight is not a big concern, particularly for those of us using tablets and smartphones in field applications where the chances for physical abuse is high. Or for those of us with kids, even.

    But some people want just a decent amount of protection without adding a lot of extra weight. One of the major marketing points of the new iPad Air is that it weighs only one pound, so anything added on top of that is going to negate that weight advantage.

    Shortly after buying my iPad Air last friday I searched for immediately avaliable polycarbonate/silicone cases that I could get shipped quickly from Amazon. The only product that I saw was the Hard Candy Shockdrop ($50) a company I was not familiar with.

    Being that I would rather have at least some kind of impact protection on my iPad Air rather than none, I ordered it. The product is avaliable in a bright red (which makes your iPad look like a high-tech Etch-a-Sketch) or black.

    The Hard Candy Shockdrop for iPad Air (product site) differs from products like the Otterbox Defender/Griffin Survivor/Trident Aegis in that it is not a complete clamshell enclosure wrapped with silicone. Instead, it's a polycarbonate top frame that includes a permanent screen protector which is then wrapped with the silicone, which is advertised as being 6mm thick on the backing and front and 10mm thick on the corners.

    The total weight penalty is 9oz, which brings the iPad Air to 25oz when enclosed in the Shockdrop.

    While I think $50 is a lot of money when compared with similar-priced products with a lot more protective material on it, I still like this case a lot, and it may be a good option for those who primarily intend to use the product at home and not for field use.

    The bezel/display elevation is substantial enough to protect the screen from a flat fall and the silicone wrapping is nice and thick so it should be more than good enough to handle routine bumps. I also like the anti-slip texture on the silicone backing.

    Have you ordered the Hard Candy Shockdrop for your iPad Air? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

  • Case Makers Await Apple's Media Event with iPad 5 Cases Ready to Go

    By Juli Clover for MacRumors

    As Apple prepares to launch its radically redesigned fifth-generation iPad, multiple case makers are gearing up to release cases to fit the thinner, slimmer tablet. Because Apple does not provide case makers with specifications, accessory manufacturers gamble on case design by utilizing rumors and product leaks to create their cases, as noted by ABC News.

    For example, Gumdrop Cases (also responsible for the Hard Candy brand) has developed a line of fifth-generation iPad cases that it had already begun manufacturingback in June, in anticipation of a WWDC launch for the redesigned tablet. Since then, the company has gone on to create several additional cases for the iPad 5, all without a glimpse of the product.

    According to Gumdrop CEO Tim Hickman, Gumdrop has worked with the Chinese factories that produce the iPad in order to acquire dimensions and computer-aided designs to make the cases, communicating back and forth with the factories to make sure the cases will fit the final product.

    "I'm pretty confident that our cases will fit the new iPads," Hickman told ABC News. "We work with the factories really closely. We aren’t going to be really far off."

    In addition to Gumdrop, multiple other companies have begun manufacturing cases for the iPad 5, including well-known brands like Kensington, hoping to get an edge on the competition. MacRumors has received several reports of iPad 5 cases showing up in stores and online, and Amazon is also offering a number of pre-designed cases for the tablet. Fifth-generation cases first started appearing in February, with additional models being displayed in April.

    M-Edge, another popular case maker, also spoke with ABC News on the trial and error behind creating early iPad cases. The company utilizes several data sources for its design, according to CTO Adam Ashley, including leaked photos and rumors.

    "We analyze the data – the rumors and the photographs – we compile this information and we meet with our product team to assess the confidence level," Ashley told ABC News.

    Ashley said there are also a few tricks to making sure the case will fit without the exact measurements. The product designers will leave some room for error in the size of the case and also leave room for button adjustment. For instance, they may leave a larger opening for the buttons on the edge in case Apple decides to make adjustments.

    Manufacturing cases based on rumor can be a major risk, as some highly-rumored Apple products never make it to market. For example, in 2011 rumors suggested that the next iPhone would utilize a tapered design, which never reached fruition. Given the number of fifth-generation iPad part leaks, however, it is likely that early case production will prove to be successful for many companies.

    According to Gumdrop, the company has spent a quarter of a million dollars pre-preparing cases, and both M-Edge and Gumdrop claimed the risk was worth it, as not having cases at launch would cause a bigger fiscal impact.

    "If we are wrong we lose a bunch of money, but if we are right, we can make a lot of money," Hickman said. "It is still a gamble, but in this world, it is the game that is being played."

    Apple's fifth-generation iPad will be announced tomorrow, on Tuesday, October 22 at a San Francisco event. The iPad will take on an iPad-mini style design, with narrower side bezels and a smaller, lighter form factor. It is expected to feature an upgraded A7X processor and an improved camera.

    Alongside the iPad, Apple is also expected to debut a Retina iPad mini, Haswell MacBook Pros, the redesigned Mac Pro, Mavericks, and revamped versions of its iLife and iWork software.

    Related roundup: iPad Air
  • Review: Hard Candy Phone Case

    By Free Sample Momma



    I was sent the Shockdrop Sport case for iphone5. Features 6mm of silicon shock absorbing four-corner protection, slimming to 3mm of overall body shock protection. Molded-in Volume up and down indications and rip proof port covers, and a screen protector.

    All you have to do is pop the pieces apart, add your phone to the screen protector, then pop that into the rubber outer shell. Everything you need such as the camera, ports, volume, etc, are all easily accessible.

    My husband took this cover and has been using it for his phone and loves it. He likes that he now has a firm grip on the phone, and doesn’t worry about it falling, which has happened to all of us. He also likes the screen protector, and find it easy to clean.

    Hard Candy Cases Shock Drop iPhone 5 Review & Drop Test



    The other case I was sent was the Gumdrop Case for iphone5, it is exactly the same as the Shockdrop case, just in a different color. I use this one for my phone since my youngest has been using it to play a game. I feel confident now that if he drops it, it will be safe.

    Hard Candy Cases aren’t just for iphones, you can also get cases for the iPod, iPad, Tablets, and MacBook.

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